Psalm of Sabbath

Praise the LORD. 
Praise the Father all ye faithful for His kairos,
Praise the Son all ye weary for soul's rest,
Praise the Spirit all ye beloved for truth timeless.

Praise the LORD.
Who pursues the least of man, 
Who completes the good work in us,
Who established creation with its natural laws.

Praise the LORD.
Who works all things for our good,
Who gave the perfect law that we may live,
Who made Sabbath for man,
Not man for Sabbath, that we may be free indeed.


Praise the LORD.
He blesses the finite work of our hands,
Unto Him they bear fruit that will last.

He is good, His love endures forever,
He dwells with us in the trial of silence.
Our souls find not rest, 
Until they rest in Him.

Praise the LORD. 

Honestly, I shuddered a little when I think about the week ahead. Thursday is when I am supposed to meet my thesis supervisor and give her my study hypotheses + preliminary analysed data. But first, I have to correlate the study and demographic/clinical variables to each other, through literature review. I do enjoy the process but I. Have. No. Time. Or rather, to reframe more positively, time is short.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. There are but 24 hours in each. Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. I prayerfully dispel in my mind the notion that academic success, even academic learning, depends on my thesis. To redeem what is of eternal value, to redeem notions of what is truly important. 

Still, my soul be still. Do not be moved by fleeting lights and moving shadows.

I do want to do a good work of this thesis because the findings would help address the pressing lack of centre dialysis spaces now. Maintaining my First Class, well, it will be more important IF I do get offered the PhD of which seems like a miracle. I am glad, upon deeper reflection that what is important cannot be quantified, lest I take pride in them. 

The conversations with E. Lightful prayers and conversations with treasured friends at the Deck. The recent SEnT meetings. Project Masterpiece and Christianity Awareness Week.

Lord, renew, a steadfast spirit within me, to rest in You alone.