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6 Months In // What a Social Worker Really Does

(Okay I must qualify that today isn't a so-called typical day , but seriously, seems like nothing is typical as a social worker) What I did today that really surprised me- Right at the top place : Dissembling the clogged toilet sink and pulling on years-worth of muck and hair. I literally crowed when after seriously being stumped on just how to put back all these parts, we managed by sheer force and equal willpower to stick everything back in place.  Coming in second : Counseling a distraught grandmother of my youth client over the phone for 1 hour, and giving actual counsel. We had a 1 hour call yesterday too. I am surprised at many things for this one actually- (a) Me asking point blank up front about whether symptoms of depression were observed (b) How calm and emotionally unaffected I was, even as I reflected her emotions which elicited more ventilation of these long pent-up issues (c) Being able to somehow counsel in Chinese A close third : Gettin