Happy Social Work Day

Before them social workers descend
 The convergence of social workers and social service professionals was such a joy to experience today- a large part was reconnecting with a whole bunch of people I got to know through these past 3+ years. Guan Zhen (she just sprang up to hug me awww T.T the laughter of joy from her), Joanne (she was from my VRU internship wayyy long ago before I started in NUS), Fiona (two of them!), and a lot of SW seniors.

The thought crossed my mind especially when I saw some people walking out to take calls (emergency client case?), doing work on their laptops during the dialogue (tsk tsk we never outgrow this multitasking right): How are each one of them doing with their baggage of life stories?

Read Psalm 90 on Monday and the first half (v1-10) reminded me that sorrows are a given for life on earth.

That question was actually thrown out because I was having a lot of fun including almost getting my fingers put into a very cute baby's mouth :> I would have allowed her to lah but my fingers are dirty so.

I like this photo because it reminds me of 野子

But anyway. Reading the sharings from seniors who have gone before me reminded me of the long haul ahead. A lighthouse and not a lifesaving boat. A wallflower. No, not hero.Journeying.

 I hope I will always be proud to identify myself as a social worker, to remember the reason I knew this was for me, to hold to the vision of shalom. The task of shalom is perhaps not so much of shaking up systems but from the relationships and the small things done in loving service. And this task applies to all of God's people as well.

Bloop. That's the sound of my brain working slowly. Going to an interview for youth worker tomorrow. Till now, I still cannot say confidently, I think I can do it. Nothing is ever going to prepare me for the work I guess, so well same as with VCF Exco me will trust God to walk me through.