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Random thought bubbles in my head:  Through Kairos I realised that diversity in unity really excites me. I love how God's mission is for all ethnos, to bring out the beauty of each culture as they turn to worship Him. Drawing from the last session of Kairos, to illustrate my future in light of the Kairos experience: Hmm but at the same time I feel like I have romanticised diversity- thinking about how it was hard for me to really recognise and affirm the different strengths of people I am working with. It was really great to interact with people who are not Chinese, not Christian for this week (i.e. different from me). It's refreshing in a way to hear different views about things, to be challenged in my views, and observe a different way of seeing things from the other person's shoes. Below is the drawing of my favorite place, done when we did group Interactive Drawing Therapy. Does that mean I can be comfortable anywhere as long I can have a nice bubble and

A Leaf!

(This is in reference to the lovely story mentioned in the previous post, really thank God for this 'leaf')   Just wanted to remember a day like this. Started off the day feeling a little cranky due to lack of sleep and physical exertion from the yesterday's Urban Hike. By the time I made it out of TJ office after an intense meeting around 1pm, my body was protesting. So when I was back at my office I just kept putting off planning for the counseling session at 4.30pm. At slightly after 4pm, I was slumped on my chair holding the case file in my hands and asking myself what should I do with this boy (lol haha I am not a good representation of a counselor). Asked God also, my supervisor too. Literally went up to him and said "I don't know what to do for my session later" Wise wise supervisor, he replied "Ask him what he wants to do. "But, he will just say he wants to go home." "Then ask him what he wants to do at home." Anyway,