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What's up

University is the last 4 years we have before work starts. And well I was super excited about university and so far it hasn't disappointed. Learning about things I care about, doing things that enthuse me, learning to work with people... And importantly, shaking off all those stereotypes that I have unconsciously accumulated.  University= Unity in diversity. I am only beginning to learn how deeply competitive I am, and I thank God that He has humbled me in many ways. I am only starting to learn from people with their vastly different experience. Learning to allow more time with people, starting to slow down, to not be so caught up with being efficient.  "The world is always sizing up people, putting people down" ~ Tom Wright, in Early Christian Letters for Everyone This really convicted me of my competitive spirit that led me to oscillate between feeling insecure, arrogant and judgmental.  I really thank God for all His numerous blessings :) And here