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Dad and Steamed Fruit Cake

Hey Dad, this post is dedicated to ya. Though you don't have a faintest idea. So, one day I decided to make steam a fruit cake, using a recipe I saw in Mum's recipe book (bet there are more gems inside). It called for me to 'fry' sugar! FRY?! Yup. Fry. This recipe was originally from Dad's Malay colleague. I quartered the recipe, and tweaked it abit. Here you go! To tell the truth this fruit cake owes alot to Dad. I had absolutely no idea how to fry sugar and even wrote down the wrong ratio of sugar. Thank goodness Dad wanted to bake with me. And when this rock bent this... [picture taken after I tried bending it back btw] and became this... Dad to the rescue! This time we got it right. Okay, anyway, after saying so much about 'frying' sugar, this is actually the last step. You pour this thing warm into the batter. Weird instructions right? That's why I wanted to bake this in the first place. It didn't look promising at fir

some of the lil' stuff in my seemingly mundane life

I've got a fringe. It keeps poking into my eyes. So today, since I was in a not-so-fab mood, I took the scissors and went in front of the mirror and started hacking. Literally. Cos the scissors was rusted so I had to hack at my hair. Anyway, now this reminds me of Britney. Women like to cut their hair when they are down. Its a fact, you know? This is one of the few notable things in my life right now. Do I sound like I'm complaining? Hmm , okay this isn't the ideal life that I want to have but I understand I will grow to appreciate this (bloody) system in the future. It would be nirvana if I get to experiment in the kitchen right now, but I know this is Mum's territory,and that I will appreciate and adore my kitchen when I get my own next time. Like how Mum fanatically cleans the kitchen up after cooking everyday AFTER WORK. Mums have a huge reserve of power I tell you. Love ya Mum and Dad! Though I'm keeping this tiny little space on the Internet a secret for