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The Philosopher and the Wolf

It's not a book review. Coz I haven't finished reading it yet. Look at muh giraffe its still halfway through the book. And yes this is the first time I took NOTES while reading a book. Coz it's really quite profound (but not uncomprehensible) and well, wanted to share my thoughts while reading this book here. Okay, short introduction of what is this book roughly about. Mark Rowlands had Brenin the wolf for 11 years, and throughout this span of time, he came to formulate (for lack of better word, sorry) and comprehend many truths about man. He called this 'the clearing', the space made by the wolf from which these thoughts emerged. One of the reasons why I love reading this so much is because it really verbalised the view that was within me, which I was pondering over it but not knowing how to express it. When I was particularly depressed over it, I called it our inhumanity towards other people. Mark Rowlands had it all nailed down: In his book he used '

Black bottom Orange cupcakes

I have this urge to just fill this line with smileys. These cupcakes are like my first creations! I'm always thinking of new stuff to make, but this is one of the rare times where I decided to just bake and see instead of theorising whether it will be a flop. Essentially, I made a firm chocolate dough and pressed it down at the bottom, then baked it for 5 minutes before plopping the orange batter in. Orange-speckled beauties. The zesty orange flavour didn't come through as strongly as I hoped, perhaps adding orange essence or a dash of Cointreau might help.. You can dress them up easily by making orange flavoured icing with orange juice. After shaping the cookies for baking I was so tired that all I wanted was to lie down and close my eyes. So they are just plain ol' cupcakes sitting snugly together now. The cookie dough left over can be easily rolled out and shaped. Testimony to this: Look at how teeny-weeny those alphabets are! You counting the times LOVE i