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从小,要去拜年会让我很不自在。小时候是有点自卑的看别人穿很华丽的新衣,怎么我们一家都没什么打扮。而我又很矛盾的和爸妈比时尚更喜欢舒服。大了些,觉得拜年有点带伤的无聊。就是那种好像被逼在这天要聚在一起的感觉。 然而这三年的初一我爸那边都没能像往年一样在大伯家聚。其实没什么遗憾,只是有些小小的感慨。蛮感恩的。也默默地为家人献上祷告。

Feeling Frivolous// IG Moments

Compilation of some IG moments that I intentionally saved to remember and for posterity (half-kidding only). Also because I am feeling frivolous after ending work at 10pm today, plus tomorrow is Friday, and it will just be MSF training wheeee. Making this video stirs up feelings of gratitude when I am reminded of God's faithfulness and how the adventure with Him has been so joy-full. Of course, I don't want to over-romanticise because there are certain moments when I just feel like this whole faith journey is hollow and meaningless. Have been wanting to compile my Moments for some time- this app FilmoraGo is so gr9 <3 Main issue (which is perhaps mine) is that I can't rotate the video right side up so if happy watching it from a different angle :> I had fun! At some point in the last 2 years of university, I realised how precious it was to have fun while doing something I am passionate about. Before that the first 2 years my friends told me I was intense-scar