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The world is not right but God is sovereign

The world is not right at all. This is something I have been reminded of again and again. The first thing that came into view when I logged on was this article from New Internationalist magazine. These kind of things make me question God again. And myself too. What am I doing here, am I not doing something I should, what can I do? As I contemplate this afresh, I arrive at the same conclusion again. God who is love is sovereign, and He can be trusted. And this wretched world is but a blip in eternity. And I do not need to, and cannot, save the world. Unless God is behind me. This thought kept occurring to me these days: That everything is illogical apart from God. I don't think I should make any resolutions. Is life comprised of hurtling toward goals? Though if anything I pray very hard that I will walk with God, leaning on His providence to carry my cross daily.