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Food: A Liminal Space

Liminal space: an in-between space of both becoming and transition. It struck me as I was thinking about how we conceived the almost-crazy idea of doing a mini social enterprise (what is thesis. what is year 4. what is Exco lol), that food has been central in many things. Looking at photos of food from the past 2 weeks (mostly this week), I begin to see that food has created a liminal space. With HX: Engaging with social issues as a Christian A clearer shape for hitherto subliminal thoughts, yet not fully formed (would they?) The act of food instagraphy as a metaphor for this generation To think! Alone! The becoming of a community. Usually begins with food. A simultaneous reflection of who we are and want to be  (Do I sound like I am super deep yet HAHA) (But I am. Deep deep in God's love)

To Noeó Jesus | Afterword

To be completely honest, I didn't feel very much. In the sense of deep empathy and emotions. Perhaps that's why I am not seized by the urge to write down my experiences. Perhaps it is because it is 'nothing new' to me, having been in social work for 3 years now. I could even tell Bernice, 'I can almost predict the trajectory for Z., that he will go back to drugs again.' (Okay I recall a bit of emotion when I said that) But because I promised Abraham to send him reflections, I shall write stuff down. Thinking back at my own experiences throughout the two days and that of the few others that I heard from, I have been wondering,"What we have achieved?" We have these stories of people. Mostly their sorrows and challenges, but also their joys. What do we do with these stories? I realise that I have this strong, if not easily articulated conviction that we are all connected, each one of us. Don't think it is coincidence that I plucked out The Kingd