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It is an important concept for me. I read somewhere that time does not change us, it merely unfolds us. While there is some truth in this, I think we are also very much in charge of what to do with our very limited time on earth. I think part of why I'm perceived to be self-disciplined in my life is because I simply do not want to waste my time on earth. Which is why I kinda gravitate towards talking about deeper stuff I guess. Anyway I'm turning 18 come this Friday (reason for that pretty cheesecake you see), and I wanna talk about my flaws. I think one of my greatest flaws is my self-consciousness. I really hate it when I let how (I perceive) people look at me overwrite how God looks at me. On the surface it doesn't seem like a big deal right. But for me it profoundly influences every thought I think, every word out of my mouth, every action I make. (What an irony right, me writing on a blog which is open to everyone.) Actually I think this is the root to al