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Wanna read an essay?

NO. I know. Please understand. I want to preserve this essay in the years to come.. Although it may come across as staid and dry, I feel mighty proud of it. For one, I got a couple of Candy Empire sweets as a prize! Okay, don't look at me like that. I eat sweets on a regular basis. Just not Candy Empire's. Let me begin. The theme is Live the Dream by the way, in conjunction with the Youth Olympics.     Martin Luther King, Jr once said, "I have a dream..." At that time, people laughed at him and dismissed his dream of equal rights as downright impossible. In the same way, I have lived my dream too, becoming one of the lucky people that managed to do so. I firmly believe that everyone has a dream. It is like a seed buried in our hearts, and the sad fact is that it often becomes forgotten as years fly pass.     I have always wanted to open a cafe, a place where people come in frazzled, order a latte and maybe a slice of cake,and leave feeling immensely relaxed. Thi
To you who is sitting now in front of your computer: Thought I would drop a note that this will be the post you see two/three months on. You see, I have been mugging this past month and I have no doubts that I will not have anything remotely interesting to share here. So I will refrain from blogging and boring all of your asses off when I have nothing to say but am just feeling reeaally bored. And thank you for dropping by! I promise to post interesting stuff by mid- November (its the end of 'O' levels here). xoxox Kang Li