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Things to Hold

"I hold all things loosely" has been a kind of new running joke ever since I used that phrase as a snarky comeback for being rightfully jibed for refusing to do an important work process. (Please do not learn this from me, it is not acceptable I admit. I am impulsively stubborn too, I admit.) There is definitely value in holding your job loosely though- probably why I score low on ambition in this work behaviour survey that I did for a professional development course. I feel like my 'ambition' is not the ambition as in wanting to progress in career goals (which I don't think I have if you are talking about the conventional sense of the term). Still, there are things to hold loosely and things to hold tightly. I had the thought to blog this morning when I got the goosebumps recalled what happened during VCF AGM this Monday. It struck me as very beautiful that the person was given the platform to make his speech via video, and that he shared his mental he


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