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Today I saw

Today I saw someone that reminded me of myself. So self-conscious was she that I really wanted to say "Its okay, don't worry." Somehow beneath my egocentric thoughts of how I have above average looks and a reasonably good-to-be-with character, sometimes (more often now) I find myself thinking how terribly boring I am with nothing interesting to talk about, or how I can't seem to express what I want to say exactly the way I want it or how I feel like I'm just some quiet girl in the class, not to be missed if one day she was absent. And then it got me thinking about how the world perceives beauty. Why in the world did we torture ourselves by setting goals for one to become aesthetically pleasing? And along with it stereotypes? Perhaps the emotions from what I saw are a stereotype themselves, because didn't I somehow associate her with low self-esteem? I guess what I want to say is that, how ever hard it may seem (and how ever hackneyed it may sound), eaach

From a 14 year old

I was feeling crappy the other day.. So I decided that the time was right. In this time capsule that 14 year old Kang Li wrote to herself, she spoke of dreams and love and believing in yourself. And man, it really did make me smile and believe "I CAN!" again. This one really made me laugh out loud. I think I was (still am, I guess) a dreamy girl. More time capsules:  This has a specified time: when I'm 20  P.S. Guess I won't be able to bake so often now, but drop by if you don't mind reading somewhat crappy talk. Who knows, there may be occasional bits of advice :) Cinnamon squares Just baked them today, but won't be sharing it here cos there's something lacking about the texture, though I like the cinnamon taste.