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bake week

Here ends a week of sore legs from standing for hours at one stretch, agonising over the taste and aesthetics of the cookies throughout the week, or the cake yesterday. Prior to this week we had 2 days of Chinese New Year baking. New family tradition I helped create since I developed an interest in baking.  Less butter this year,but still oily nonetheless. And still in search of a good recipe for those almond cookies.    Almond cookies Same good  melt-in-your mouths this year, except I reduced the butter to 250g. Our class had a bake sale on Friday as part of the CNY street market, and what was good was that all profits went to Breakthrough Missions, a halfway house that provides rehabilitation to former drug offenders. To be honest, I was so so tired after coming home late from baking that I almost dreaded going for the next session. But once we started, I was in my element again I guess. Failures dressed up: Most of the rocky roads we made on the first day seriousl