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Ordinary Days

View from my favorite CLB corner seat ""Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless." What does a man gain from all his labor at which he toils under the sun?" (Ecclesiastes 1:2b-3, NIV) As I was about to type how I woke up with this hollowed feeling, I remembered that this is not new. Old question recently surfaced: What am I doing? Like really, what am I achieving? I don't want to create a system of redemption for myself by rushing to do stuff and making myself needed. Which I know I cannot without God anyway. This season is really one of humility (I sincerely hope it is) and praying. More observable is the focus on relationships- family and friends. Yet there's this huge part. I am insecure. And when that happens, sometimes I don't know if I am meeting my own needs or others. (Wow I didn't expect this to come out. I was just going to type about living ordinary days.) But yes, that's part of an ordinary day. To daily ask for gr


A friend's post about how she had less than a dollar in her bank account and how she has to work for her university education reminded me of how privileged I am. In this Friday's seminar we did the Privilege Walk and I was ahead of so many of my friends. Standing there, I felt the social distance. If I am guilty about privilege, it would be because I took so many of them for granted, they ceased to feel like privileges to me. Especially not having to work for your university education which can be such a pain in the ass sometimes- I can't imagine the double pain my friends feel, working for something that they don't like. Even being able to look for internships, and not caring whether they paid or not. As I mentally listed all the other privileges I have, I realised the extent of my privilege. One of them is travelli ng | Hainan, 海瑞墓 This semester which is ending in exactly 2 weeks' time has been one of the best. Which is utterly surprising given that it s