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1 hour and 45 mins

Before both date and year changes simultaneously. I'm not going to state my resolutions here; I think I will figure them out next year as time goes. What shall I write about then? Honestly I do not know. (hey it sorta rhymes!) These days have been pretty mundane. But I've come to the age where this mundanity brings about a kind of bliss, where you know the memory of these days will be that of bright sunlight and fluffy clouds, a kind of neutral contentedness and thankfulness that God has given yet another nice day. *** It has taken me 6 minutes to write this. You know when I heard Don't Stop Believing for the first time, it really felt like me? Or basically everyone drifting about in life. "Everybody wants a thrill" cos they don't know what they want. Aargh the intellectual, or rather school-trained mind automatically snaps "You are making a sweeping statement!" But I think its true though. That people would deny it could prove that its tru


Normally I will start the post with a title first but today I just had the urge to blog but had nothing in mind I wanted to put here. Anyway since I don't have an obligations to blog regularly and on common themes, I can blabber all I want. America is really a place of possibilities. You can really do what you want and get support for it too, and the only things that stand in your way is your lack of talent or God's will. Mebbe that's why we all (by that I mean Singaporean teens) want out, to varying degrees. But I'm secretly scared I won't survive overseas. Once I was in the airport and some Caucasian asked me something and took awhile for me to realise he was speaking English. Asking whether there's rice in Macs. Dumb. But I felt dumb instead. I hate feeling dumb. (Especially in guitar class) Okay, I don't know why the post became like that. It was supposed to be letters to people I really wanted to write to, but somehow couldn't. In this weird, so