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The end of an awkward birthday week

Okay, this dosen't seem like a good note to start off a post on my birthday, but well.. It was an awkward week. Anyway, not saying much to prevent y'all from rolling your eyes and dismissing me as yet another angsty teen. (I am though) I did what Mommas in olden days do: pounded the Oreos myself Anyway, I made Oreo cheesecake that was totally polished off! The feeling of accomplishment when your cake is well-enjoyed. Love my lil' oven One thing, I didn't get good photos of the cheesecake.. Cos my hands were oily from eating party food. How you must be thinking, are you gonna show the cheesecake or not? (I'm irritating like that at times) The reason why I seriously need some photography tips.  When I grow up and have a place of my own, I'll make sure the kitchen is the center of my home. It will be stocked with baking stuff I need and a worktable to get my hands dirty on. Bliss.