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A for Asian

So many stereotypes behind this right. About to start my last 4 (or 5?) years of studying before I enter the workforce to earn my bread. Really want to make things work. Not just the As but also to find a place in God's kingdom, to make lasting friendships, to reach out to people, to make a difference. There are times when I feel like I absolutely suck at everything. Then there are times when I feel so good about myself. Hope to find the in-between, and be comfortable with it. I am probably not a charismatic leader, I am an (extroverted) introvert, I have yet to be able to think fast. I am still grappling with guitar (suspect that my cheap guitar is tripping me), I cannot survive without sleep, I don't take distractions/disturbances well. In the meantime.. I can think about deep issues. I am becoming comfortable with uncertainty, I can see the complexities of many things. I guess this helps me to empathize with people. I am quite a decent baker (nothing to shout about b