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Macaroons-masquerading Meringues

Don't this look like macaroons? They are the most sophisticated  demanding thing I have yet baked.I guess I will never bake this again, unless I get a boyfriend (almost impossible now) and its Valentine's Day.  For one, it involves the tedious step of whisking the egg whites till they are stiff. And more importantly, the inner environmentalist in me screamed murder every time I put a batch into the oven. (Each batch needs 90 minutes, and I had 4.) To make matters worst, I thought I'd use my strong, reliable hands to whisk the whites, to save electricity. HALF AND HOUR later... (not to mention the nth number of strokes) Still no stiff meringue in sight. In the end I gave up and used my stand mixer. Thank you, dear stand mixer. I gave them just a hint of orange so the colour would be pastel. A trick would be to pour some colouring into a small bowl and dip a skewer in before waving it through the meringue. Meringue cookies   Adapted from Gorgeous Cakes by


From Gorgeous Cakes by Annie Bell When at crossroads and your heart is beckoning you to head to one of them but your mind, plus family and friends scream the other way, what do you do? Compromise? Follow your heart, but at the same time not knowing whether it would turn on you? Would the next best be as sweet and somewhat satisfactory as this time round? This little dame looks somewhat ugly but she still had me eating 3 while decorating the batch. Yum. They are all gone now. Sorry if you make no sense of what I'm saying. Sometimes my mind is not lucid. Can I attempt to explain  make people understand? Being good in studies and constantly topping the class does not mean that one is fit for Junior College. For some reason I particularly DREAD JC. Call me juniocollego- phobic, whatever. Anyway, I mind is in a mess cos I just told my parents I wanna go to a baking or culinary arts course in polytechnic, and not surprisingly (but caught me unprepared nonetheless) caused a coll