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Super Blue Blood Moon

The reddish tint - or blood moon - happens due to "the effect of all the sunrises and sunsets all around the planet reflecting off the moon, which I think is really lovely," said NASA astrophysicist Michelle Thaller. - From CNA   Well, I think so too. Read this explanation a few times, and it just sounded so beautiful but inconceivable at the same time.    Moment of being caught in wonder.    

2018- New Births

The best kind of holiday is the one that allows you to reflect and be refreshed, and that was exactly what the Jogja trip did for me. Significantly, I think I had the conclusion to the prayer requests I asked of my colleagues for a few months at morning devotions (I admit I hadn't been very faithful in praying by myself- value of community experienced). The main tension/question experienced in the transition from student to professional was: Am I doing enough for the kingdom of God? Well I do think it's fallacious to say that this will be the tension one faces in transiting to work because this tension is supposed to stay throughout our lives as we seek greater love. Two threads of thoughts (trying to be more organised here) culminated from thinking during the long car rides and that 3 hours alone together with my 2 dear INFJ friends: God demands much of us, mortal man made in His very image. To be like Christ is an uncompromising perfect standard, yet fitting for a


It's a wonder I haven't written anything about wonder before this. Peebo reminded me again about how wonderful and wonder-full small things can be: Okay he's not exactly small but you get my point (right?). I scribbled down yesterday as I was struck again by that wonder after I had a long session with a youth: It's a wonder that I am allowed to touch lives and impact them like this. It's a wonder that these youths who have been through so much allow me to enter their personal world as they share.   What bravery and trust it must have taken. Who am I to ask all these probing questions? Such is the wonder at, and the wonder of social work that I think should be kept alive. It'll be a scary day when I look at social work and take it for granted. To take these stories for granted, to take such privileged access for granted.  We also do well to wonder at the everyday beauty around us- lady helping senior with her grocery up the slope, the tender care