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Memories for memories

I am posting this so that I can immortalise these memories. The other day while at BSS Henderson, I lost my wallet at the void deck. I was in the classroom for only 10 minutes? before I realised it, but by then it was gone. Well it contained so much sentimental value. It had secondary school mugshots of my classmates, dorky faces and all, notes from friends which had been in my wallets throughout the years plus all those loyalty cards. Okay this is not the point. It sounds quite unexceptional when I am thinking of how to put it in words now. Aye, how can I ever convey the warmth I felt for the aunties and uncles that tried to find my wallet? After I ran back to the coffeeshop where I was before, most of the coffeeshop staff knew of my plight. They were so sympathetic and I had to turn down repeated offers to lend me money to get home. There was also this uncle at the table where I had lost my wallet that helped too.  Don't tell my mum but I was thinking it was not reall