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No pictures today... Just felt like making a post to hopefully lift someone's spirits up. Today I felt immense hope. The road is long, the road is hard, but I know I will never walk alone. Ever. In my heart, I feel a soothing peace. I know I will be battered, but never shattered, challenged, but never struck down. I know this because I know that God will never give me something that I cannot overcome. With Him I can be safely assured of this. I know I may not be good at expressing what I truly feel inside, nor am I the best person to ask questions about Christ. Still, if you want to find out more, go here ! P.S. I should totally be mugging for my 'O' levels.. its Math today. Have hope in you always!! :) lovelovelove,  Kang Li

Comfort food

I'm putting up photos taken by a cameraphone. Is this food-photography heresy? To make matters worse, I'm not taking them with the latest cutting-edge phone. (Please tell me its still iPhone 4) And to make this even more unforgivable,my first-ever introduction of this all-time comfort food was taken unceremoniously, on top of a pile of books. And now I don't know how to end this post. (I don't even have a recipe for this! It's not even baked!) Whoops. Care to share your comfort food? Afterword: This post is purely out of boredom. For cooler stuff, go here .