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I think a darn good way to find out more about a person is to look through his/her smartphone. My home screen says that I hate clutter. And prefer the natural over the man made. The no-sound, no-vibration setting hints that I don't like (or cannot cope well with) distractions. See the battery-saving icon? I guess I'm quite an environmentalist. Yep I need the dictionary cos when I think about what someone writes, I want to be able to define all those big words. The requisite camera apps.. Two file organizers for convenience. Faith Comes By Hearing is the organisation that develops audio bibles in the many native tongues of the peoples all over the world. It's not that I don't want a cute calendar; I cannot find a cute calendar widget that doesn't need Internet connection. Voice recorder to record how I sound when practicing on the guitar.  The Guitar chords app is really useful! Motivates me to practice cos at least I can sing and play the easi