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Yours truly

Hey.. This blog feels like a primary school friend you bumped on your way home and both of you wind up sitting on the same bus but not knowing what to say without sounding too awkward. Recently.. I have been pondering. Like, what am I here for. I see friends working so hard, and I want to ask them why. On the other hand, I guess I'm worried for Belvia. The most unlikely person to be my closest friend, some say. But in primary school, one dosen't judge, and all I know is that we have been friends for like our entire lives and I want her to be able to do something she likes when we get thrust into the big world out there a few years from now. And I worry cos she says she lacks the fighting spirit and sometimes I wanna shake her and say that you have to fight to be happy too, sometimes. Before reality sinks in Before reality sinks in Run with all your soul to the beam Of light that shins forth in your dream Before you find it impossible and people agree its unreasonable Befo