The Wind Blows Where It Pleases


Who would have expected that God will draw a song out of me? Keeping a memory of it raw, as it is. Such is the creative action from the Creator, reflected in me the created. Indeed, the glory of God is man fully alive (Irenaeus). 

The wind blows where it pleases,
The Spirit breezes, teases, kisses,
Leads us to a place of rest and resting.
Just resting, in God. In God, the Father.

The wind blows where it pleases, 
The Spirit leads us to places,
With rest and abounding graces.

We bring, we bring, 
A wind of peace.
We bring, we bring,
A breath of life.

The Spirit breezes, teases, kisses,
And people come, and people come,
Together, as one.
The wind blows where it pleases.


They surface again when I clear my mind junk field. A downloading from the Spirit? I envision a space where people come to enjoy coffee or quaint teas, have a slow meal. Sit at the window seat, with sunlight filtering through, watch the dust mites while they let their mind be still. Or curl up in the cocoon to read. If with friends, sit and talk on the selah bean bags. 

And perhaps I will be the resident spiritual social worker, to listen to their stories, speak a word of hope or challenge. The Prayer Room will be a place of buzzing with quiet expectancy- to leave each customer feeling like, where will the story take me next?