Partaking in the Mundane

Eid al-Fitr 2018 first saw me joining the throngs of Malay families and young couples milling around the Geylang Serai bazaar.

Artery-clogging char kuay sotong

But I actually liked the walk from Paya Lebar MRT to the bazaar more than the bazaar itself; trailing behind the 2 Malay families with their young energetic children made me somehow very happy:

"Ikan! Ikan!" the cherubic younger sister squealed as she leaned as far as she could against the railing. At her Nenek's chiding "Payar!", her abang pulled her away, and they jogged along, abang's hand holding his sister's.

Then, blessed koinonia at GBG Oikos:

The last iftar for 2018- when walking down the whole stretch of Geylang Road
The best lontong everrrr


Chocolate- drizzled Custard Creams sans cream- biskuit Raya style.

Then we stuffed ourselves with popiah and Chinese tea for lunch/tea. The porcelain remind me of how my parents bring us on overseas trips every year since we were schooling, and that I used to have such terrible motion sickness- on that China trip I threw up when we reached each tourist attraction grossss

And also, the bliss of sleep! Was so tired after washing all the stuff used for baking and lunch that I slept till dinnertime...

So I had to pay hutang this morning- woken up by Dad to cycle together (my brilliant suggestion). It was really fun cos it was like mutual learning (Me: Teaching him how to use the Mobike app, to be garang when navigating shared pathways, Him: Making sure we don't get lost)

More food-making:

They don't look as nice as they taste, but these hotcakes are great man. They feed a hungry family of 4 for less than the price of one Macs Extra Value Meal. You can throw in blueberries like I did too! Just add a few after you've poured the batter into the frying pan.

Appreciation of the mundane. It is also a privilege, I realised.

Quoting Teo Yeo Yenn (2018):

"We make meaning through our everyday lives -- in small activities and through relationships. These are moments of potential beauty. They are acts that make us human." ; and so "we must also work to expand the space for everyone to meet their needs -- make real choices, partake in the mundane, live lives, to be human."

- In This is What Inequality Looks Like