Testimony [tes-tuh-moh-nee]

Oops. Turns out I've been pronouncing the word wrongly (tes-ti-moh-nee).

[Testimony] 'Law. the statement or declaration of a witness under oath or affirmation'; 'open declaration or profession, as of faith'

I was born in a non-Christian family but by God's providence I spent my primary school years exposed to Bible songs and stories in the student care centre of Shalom Baptist Chapel. I thus acknowledged Jesus as my Saviour and confessed to being a sinner before the Lord. Growing up however, I had low self-esteem and was insecure in friendships. So in order to be accepted by friends, I would rather please them more than God. This continued till I was 14 in 2008.
            I remember the precise moment where my journey as a true child of God began. I was suddenly convicted that if I professed to be a Christian, I should live a life fitting of this identity. I thus prayed and asked God to forgive me for my sins, and reaffirmed my acceptance of Christ as Lord and Saviour. I also prayed very hard for courage and strength to obey His commands. There was this feeling of revival and fresh passion for holy living. I have since tried to live a life worthy of Christ.
I have stumbled many times, but His grace never failed. Though I still struggle with the cost of losing some friendships sometimes, I know that it is nothing compared to the surpassing worth of knowing Christ. By the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit, I gradually committed my life to God, striving to live a life worthy of my calling.
            Our Father above is indeed the Wonderful Author of my life. As I look back, God's hand is evident in bringing me where I am now. In 2011 when deciding which JC to go to, I deliberately chose to a different college from that favoured by most of my friends. I wanted to further develop my identity in Christ, and this would be difficult with my non-believer friends. God indeed greatly multiplies our small offering to bless us even more than we can imagine. God deepened my faith through the edifying fellowship with Christian classmates and I experienced the joy of knowing Him better as I matured spiritually. He has also called me to a vocation where my skills in meeting needs can be used. I now have a  greater sense of purpose knowing that I am pleasing God with the work that also satisfies me.
            I thank God for opening doors for me to be more rooted and built up in Christ through His family, in both NUS Varsity Christian Fellowship and Glory Presbyterian Church. As I share my walk of obedience with other Christians, I grow in my relationship with God. When my faith falters, God uses these brothers and sisters to restore me. Believers coming together can serve God in greater ways by spurring one another to good deeds. I hence want to deepen my fellowship with believers, especially in Glory, so that I am not only edified but can serve God in a community of believers. As a broken sinner, without the power of God's love, these would have been impossible.
While I still struggle with living a God-centred life, I take assurance in the infallible calling to be His child. He is Jehovah Jireh who will provide me with all I need to glorify Him- I will therefore depend on Him alone.
            In thanksgiving for God's grace, mercy and eternal salvation, I am currently serving in Glory Sunday School ministry and Youth Fellowship. May the Lord continue to use me to serve in the body of Christ to glorify God, growing deeper in my relationship with Him day by day!