Engaging People

For some reason, every time I reflected that I am becoming more extroverted, the immediate reaction was to deny, like being an extrovert is a bad development. I have indeed developed my ability to be extroverted from having to interact with so many people all day everyday (an exaggeration: I'd be hiding at home now if it were so).

Wanted to write this down before I sleep (strangely buzzing-awake, without caffeine, probably the itch from the multiple mosquito bites on my feet?!). Reflections from interactions.

1. Dignity
I realised that perhaps it is not the act of asking money or saying that one is poor that robs one of dignity, or accepting financial help even. Perhaps it is the value and meaning we place on money. Why is it so 'shameful' that I am less well-off? Does that make me more coarse? Perhaps.

But ultimately I think it boils down to what/whom we based our dignity on. I have grown to not be ashamed of my humble(ish) background, especially when interacting with my 'cream of the crop' JC classmates or church peeps from more privileged families. Really, to take myself lightly. To know that I have repose in Christ.

2. Active listening
For this reason I guess I am able to maintain an open stance, to really listen to another's perspective. To even be curious about how they have come to form these perspectives. Feel like this is something Christians have not been very ready to do, for a fear coming across as endorsing what is shared for example. Or another reason which Vincent brought up was that we think it's a waste of time. For myself as well- sometimes with all the commitments I try to shirk from the interfaith ones, which upon deeper thought I should be spending more time on because we are called to be in the world.

Listening is a powerful way to be out there, though it feels like one has a lower hand. But this is not a competition or battle! We are talking about engaging people here.

3. Earning trust
Something I got reminded of when talking to Pris. Sounds very trite but I'm thinking about this process of seeming inactivity and complicity into the very system you wanted to change. While at the same time being very intentional in introducing ideas.

Okay dokes. Avelene says I might have teaching gift haha I have been affirmed so much these 2 weeks for various stuff. Soli Deo gloria.