Collateral Beauty

Oh dear I shouldn't have started on this have to leave within 6 minutes. But I just cannot help but express myself. The movie was breathtakingly beautiful, every single moment of it. My favorite quote is the movie punchline (spoilers alert!): Remember to notice the collateral beauty.

I am writing due in part to the first SW prayer group that we just had. I felt like falling to my knees during sung worship that was such a beautiful joining of voices that gave this heart a glimpse of heaven again, and again when Revelations 4 was read. Oh my God, dear Abba, thank You for granting me the desires of my heart. I wanted for us to be a brighter light to the SW community, and today I see how it might happen. I see hope and passion in these faces gathered together in the Honours Room, sharing passionately about their vision for this season/semester. Indeed, You have not given us a spirit that makes us a slave again to fear, but a spirit of sonship. So much beauty felt and seen today, in the laughter, the sharing, the harmonising of voices, in the read Word.

And also even in the coming together to discuss about Engineering for Good. E4G is slowly (or rather quickly haha) unfolding. Help me, amidst this, not to be proud, Father. To be completely humble before You and before men.

Collateral beauty is sometimes the more beautiful than the obvious one.