Fingers Crossed with Faith

“Each day, we wake slightly altered, and the person we were yesterday is dead. So why, one could say, be afraid of death, when death comes all the time?” - John Updike

Particularly struck by this. So true for me, for as I wake, it is with vestiges of yesterday that influences my feelings about today and yet the self has been changed by what was. Before today is done, want to do a short post to remember today.

Nothing spectacular, just another ordinary day. Well, I had my final paper for year 3, and that marks the end of this semester which somehow feels special because it is the semester after exchange where I have been altered so much. And my year 4 friends have graduated and that will be me in one year's time. Ambivalent feels.

Anyway. I was just praying this morning and getting distracted while studying thinking that after the paper I will let God lead me to wherever/whomever. But obviously because it is the norm to go out and celebrate the end of the semester with friends after the final paper I couldn't help but ask a few friends. Well you would have guessed they couldn't make it, and so I was left with really no plans as I packed my things in the exam hall. But then, because of that I could linger. And this lingering allowed me to catch up with people, that brief reconnection that allows you to stay in their lives. So for this I'm thankful.

But the really divine thing was bumping into J. at the bus stop. We ended up getting dinner together and I am really really encouraged to hear him say grace over the meal (he's funny even in prayer lol). I was still deliberating whether I should do the double thumbs up to get him to say grace because I wasn't sure about the status of his faith! It was a good conversation, and I really enjoy good, heartfelt conversations :) Learnt quite a bit from him- about City Harvest as an organisation, U.S. politics/democracy in between other random stuff. So for this I'm thankful too.