Better is One Day

I was talking to that crazy BFF about what I wanted for my 21st: "I want books. And letters. And hugs. And a boyfriend. Hahaha."

There is deep wonder at how God speaks so directly to where I am. I have been carrying a sinful heartache (more like a nagging restlessness).
Even at the cusp of adulthood, I love leaning on my Dad. I love calling on him for help, annoying him with my childish nonsense, and calling him "Pboo-Pboo" at random (please don't judge).

It's this feeling of security that I am looking for.

Yet God reminds me of many truths through Psalm 84, on which Better is One Day is based on:

Great joy
God's dwelling place is so lovely and gives us such great joy- we'll have no need for a sinful man for companionship. We are blessed to dwell in His house!

Do not long for lesser things
Like the lame beggar in Acts 3, I ask for lesser things when God is pleased to bless me immensely. I ask beggar's prayers when 'no good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly' (Psalm 84:11).

Jesus cares but we need to wait for His timing
'O LORD of hosts, blessed is the one who trusts in you!; (Psalm 84:12)