The Book

Have you ever gotten scolded for reading? I have and it wasn't even illicit stuff. Sounds like a no-lifer, but I love to read; on a reading binge now. Just finished Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchet. It was a darn funny, witty book.

A close friend said that everyone should write at least one book in their life. I think I wanna write something like that. Creating an entire new world, creating new metaphors (love the one about the crab bucket; had me flipping back a few pages to where I puzzled over the term), pointing back to the real world.

I know that even if I tried, I can't write like the Japanese authors. Their books are.. weird. I come away not understanding what the author wants to say. Currently reading Sayonara, Gangsters by Genichiro Takahashi. I have currently reached the conclusion that only Literature students are up to the task of analysing it.

I got real excited thinking about writing The Book yesterday. I want a character to show Kang Li; especially all the things going through her mind that will make people rethink their impression of her I guess. And then I also want it to sorta be a commentary on reality as I see it, but I will create another world.