I don't know

I like to say I don't know. Not that I am lazy and can't be bothered to respond. I think it encapsulates my perception about the permanent uncertainty in life. I know I know, I should totally change the description of this blog so that it is not just a blog about baking.

I don't even know (hah, see how useful this phrase is) whether I am cut out to open a bakeshop selling delectable stuff people are willing to buy. And how it can fit with me wanting to be a social worker. I guess I really wanted to be a social worker cos of the kids over at BSS Henderson. I remember one of the best sessions had me walking behind them and thinking I could be with these kids always. Not because I know they need some kinda help, I don't even know if I am doing something, but cos I enjoy being with them.

wordswordswords. Not good for the occasional person who pops by and knows nothing about me. But whatever.

I think I am a people person. I have always liked to look at random people on the streets and imagine what their life stories would be. Like, even if its so mundane and boring to the max, I still think... that everyone would have a special moment in their life.

This would sound damn cringe worthy but I keep thinking of who my soulmate would be. A someone that I'm not afraid to show who I am, don't need to apologise for saying IDK, won't make me run through the conversation/ my actions to see if I was in any way pretending or giving him the wrong idea. Does this person even exist? I have become more practical if that is the word to describe less dreamy and more aware of the world's many sorrows. (this sounds quite contrived) Still, I have hope. I have hope that I can open a bakeshop, bake stuff that evokes the feeling of love, perhaps make it into a social enterprise, and have lovely people with me.

End of an extremely long and boring post.