2 months.

Hey. Its a clinche, but time flies huh. School, serious stuff, teen angst... ... just couldn't find the mood to blog. Or take pictures of what I made.

I have my own brownie recipe now!! No pictures though :(

But take a look at these:
Onde- onde, pronounced onday onday. Its a type of kuih, which is Asian pastries/cakes/snacks mainly steamed.
This has palm sugar, gula melaka in it. The green colour comes from the pandan (screwpine leaves)  juice incorporated into the dough. Yum.

And this is sorta a failed thing.. There are sliced apples below with cinnamon oatmeal cookie dough on top.

Though it tasted superb, it was a pain to take it out.

But still, yum.

That's all for today.. no more remotely interesting photos to show off.

:) a random photo of Marina Boardwalk in dear lil' Singapore.