A quick note

I know.

Its been an uber long time since I last baked.

Hang in there, CoY!

Heheh, I think CoY looks and sounds cool. Except, mebbe her creator isn't really the cool kid in school.


1. Post pictures of graduation night.
The theme is masquerade. Can't wait. -- 22 Nov

2. Complete my personal chocolate cupcake challenge. Since I can't enter the  Chocolate Adventure Contest. (US citizens only)
Azuki bean is the adventure ingredient I'm dealing with.

3. Bake a Christmas cake, hopefully. Gonna need some bakemate here.

4. Perhaps do some teaching at the student care where I spent 6 years. You know, I wanted to be a teacher. Until I saw how demanding (and therefore noble) the job is

5. Write thank you notes to all the friends that mattered. The thought of not being in the same class again...

To anyone (is there anyone?) reading this, thanks for dropping by! This space is in severe need of watering, therefore the land's a bit parched. Hope its not a desert by the time I come back..

:) :) :) Kang Li