Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

This 1960s children's show is super lit.

So so so much goodness, genuineness and the sense of neighborly love modeled in Fred Rogers and the other characters. Truth in a simple way too- 

What if I were very very sad,
And all I did was smile,
After awhile, I wonder what might become of my Sadness

What if I were very very angry
And all I did was sit,
And never think about it,
What might become of my Anger?

Where would they go, 
And what would they do,
If I couldn't let them out?

Maybe I'd fall,
Maybe get sick,
Or doubt.

But what if I,
Could know the truth,
And say just how I feel?

I have been watching this show ever since coming across a FB post on how Fred Rogers intentionally modeled the equality of man by persuading brown-skinned Francois Clemmons to join his show-
just when battles over integration of 'blacks' and 'whites' were raging.

Teared when watching that episode where Fred Rogers welcomes 'Officer Clemmons' into his home, invites him to soak his feet in the tub together, and even!! Wipes his feet dry with the same towel. 
(Read more here)

His aim was to make "goodness attractive in this next millennium" :') In a dark world where kindly figures who care about the public good turn out to hide interior motives, Fred Rogers is a bright spark. (A write up about him here)

Oh my I love him so much.