<subsequent images taken from the World Press Photo 2016 exhibition, gird yourself >

A strange kind of terrible beauty in this photo also. Ponomarev really composed it so beautifully; the horse bows its head, like how I'd imagine the hearts of the people. Yet the ethereal sunlight shines down on both the horseman and the people.

I stared at these nameless faces for a long time.

And then I saw this.

 And this. 
And this.

Was there the temptation to atheism again? I guess it was after Adam's photo while I was looking at the photos narrating the problem of sexual assaults against women in the US military. I just went "What the fuck, God." By grace, by sweet grace, it didn't end there, this almost-cowardly response.

I took photos of strength, of love, of resilience, of hope as well. Looked deep into these faces, as fleeting as those light-full moments were, there they were.

I reflected on the train back, that perhap…

Happy Social Work Day

 The convergence of social workers and social service professionals was such a joy to experience today- a large part was reconnecting with a whole bunch of people I got to know through these past 3+ years. Guan Zhen (she just sprang up to hug me awww T.T the laughter of joy from her), Joanne (she was from my VRU internship wayyy long ago before I started in NUS), Fiona (two of them!), and a lot of SW seniors.

The thought crossed my mind especially when I saw some people walking out to take calls (emergency client case?), doing work on their laptops during the dialogue (tsk tsk we never outgrow this multitasking right): How are each one of them doing with their baggage of life stories?

Read Psalm 90 on Monday and the first half (v1-10) reminded me that sorrows are a given for life on earth.

That question was actually thrown out because I was having a lot of fun including almost getting my fingers put into a very cute baby's mouth :> I would have allowed her to lah but my finger…






 呵呵年糕 <3 从荣耀堂回到家,厨房里是一盘的芋头炸年糕。近期来和家人有不少灿烂的时光。在校园里又有能祝福同学的机会,这个学期有了不少让我喜悦的友谊。还有!即将又要走在异国土上了。好兴奋,可以与知心友去越南,而也盼望能自己在香港去过的咖啡厅回首,祷告,阅读。

“你要保守你的心,胜过保守一切,因为一生的果效是由心发出。“      箴言4:33

也知道,会有不少诱惑。Treacherous heart apt to wander, let me not be caught in empty dreams. Both figuratively and literally. I had such a vivid dream that I could feel the hands' warmth even. 梦醒时,都不知道要怎么去理解。


I knew I had an asshole side of me but I'd almost forgotten until today.

So nicely suppressed.

In a sense I am thankful for that because it reminds me that 我是人。是肉体的人,同时也是神的子女。

And while I am grateful for whatever life experiences and personal dispositions that I have, which made me who I am- a quick thinker who grasps things quite fast, analytical (?), able to look at macro stuff- I also know this has made me impatient, prideful, inclined to bash my way through things I don't quite know because I can't stand being meticulous about going through step-by-step (ref SPSS).

Legit ashamed of myself at project work today, impatient, silently judging my group mates (such an asshole right). Seriously, I need to learn more patience in order to build people up, to work together to get good things going, to love. Love is patient indeed.

It has been a long day.Woke up somehow at 5.48am, decided to do a truncated QT for more time to look at my data. Very notably, it was Psalm 147: "…


啊~ 又到了拜六,坐在上个礼拜坐的位置。

 荣耀大君王, 欢迎你在我们中间。



好期待主日,Sunday School 后要和姐妹们 (haha literally; it's Mrs Yong and Dilys) 去吃韩国buffet :> 然后回家,静静地在主面前。又是一个充满福分的星期。

 过后 | 贪吃记

在从小吃到大的咖啡店等爸妈,都说不饿。看到新开的中国拉面店,就叫了碗一起吃。妈妈说,没拿辣椒啊~ 我就去拿,不小心拿了一大把麻辣油,她竟然都搅进面里。惨了爸爸不吃了。

走过香味肉干店,妈妈问,要吃豆沙饼吗? 我说想吃旗子饼,那种没馅的。

 啊!妈妈就走向我因为怕衅臭从来都没去过的店铺,那个五金店卖各种各样的饼干酥饼,看了很开心。两个贪吃婆好像眼看就满足了,没有旗子饼。又走到另一个店铺,那边暖暖的,因为她再磨花生,香味莫名令我快活。又是不同的粿,在那里终于有我们想吃的。Angku kueh <3 一边走一边吃的零食最好吃。咬一口,喂妈妈一口,一人一半感情不散。

Mazmur | 灰心的诗篇

Praise the LORD.  Forget not who He is, our Creator God and Abba Father, Who shows Himself faithful at every turn, Who weaves together strands in the tapestry of grace.
Though my heart is shaken, it should not be moved, It's anchor held fast in firm assurance: our God reigns. O my soul, look to the Lord. He has made everything beautiful in its time.
Those who trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion,  which cannot be shaken but endures forever (Psalm 125:1) Return, my soul, to your sure Rest.He has chosen you to bear fruit that will last.Praise the LORD.
I thank God for His providences and encouragement today. Had a hearty breakfast with whole-grain bread and cheese/kaya combo that I really liked, and reached school at 8.50am (wayyyy earlier than for 9am policy class which I am always slightly late for). 
So I actually thought that Dr Irene Ng called me into her office to chide me about something (guilty conscience). But no, it was something that was on my heart and I feel so so …

Psalm of Sabbath

Praise the LORD.  Praise the Father all ye faithful for His kairos, Praise the Son all ye weary for soul's rest, Praise the Spirit all ye beloved for truth timeless.
Praise the LORD. Who pursues the least of man,  Who completes the good work in us, Who established creation with its natural laws.Selah
Praise the LORD. Who works all things for our good, Who gave the perfect law that we may live, Who made Sabbath for man, Not man for Sabbath, that we may be free indeed.
Praise the LORD. He blesses the finite work of our hands, Unto Him they bear fruit that will last.
He is good, His love endures forever, He dwells with us in the trial of silence. Our souls find not rest,  Until they rest in Him.
Praise the LORD. 

Honestly, I shuddered a little when I think about the week ahead. Thursday is when I am supposed to meet my thesis supervisor and give her my study hypotheses + preliminary analysed data. But first, I have to correlate the study and demographic/clinical variables to…