Partaking in the Mundane

Eid al-Fitr 2018 first saw me joining the throngs of Malay families and young couples milling around the Geylang Serai bazaar.

But I actually liked the walk from Paya Lebar MRT to the bazaar more than the bazaar itself; trailing behind the 2 Malay families with their young energetic children made me somehow very happy:

"Ikan! Ikan!" the cherubic younger sister squealed as she leaned as far as she could against the railing. At her Nenek's chiding "Payar!", her abang pulled her away, and they jogged along, abang's hand holding his sister's.

Then, blessed koinonia at GBG Oikos:


Chocolate- drizzled Custard Creams sans cream- biskuit Raya style.
Then we stuffed ourselves with popiah and Chinese tea for lunch/tea. The porcelain remind me of how my parents bring us on overseas trips every year since we were schooling, and that I used to have such terrible motion sickness- on that China trip I threw up when we reached each tourist attraction grossss


The Wind Blows Where It Pleases


Who would have expected that God will draw a song out of me? Keeping a memory of it raw, as it is. Such is the creative action from the Creator, reflected in me the created. Indeed, the glory of God is man fully alive (Irenaeus). 
The wind blows where it pleases, The Spirit breezes, teases, kisses, Leads us to a place of rest and resting. Just resting, in God. In God, the Father.
The wind blows where it pleases,  The Spirit leads us to places, With rest and abounding graces.
We bring, we bring,  A wind of peace. We bring, we bring, A breath of life.
The Spirit breezes, teases, kisses, And people come, and people come, Together, as one. The wind blows where it pleases.
They surface again when I clear my mind junk field. A downloading from the Spirit? I envision a space where people come to enjoy coffee or quaint teas, have a slow meal. Sit at the window seat, with sunlight filtering through, watch the dust mites while they let their mind be still. Or curl up in the cocoon to read. If w…

Nokia Phone Days

I really love Saturdays where I drift in and out of slumber in the morning knowing that there is nothing that I need to wake up for except to have a hearty breakfast with my parents. Just being a child and hugging my crocodile soft toy (his name is Peebo btw), thinking fluffy thoughts.

Found this in my old recipe notebook today when I was trying to find a recipe to use up the custard powder lying around. Those days when I only had a BW Nokia phone and so much time to read-

A bit blown to see how nearly 10 years from then, most of what I wanted to do 'when I, Kang Li grows up' have been checked off. It is like God heard the prayers that even I had forgotten, and stored them in His heart.

Chocolate Pound Cake and writing a book- these two are more stuff of dreams- but let's see where the adventure with God takes.

Things to Hold

"I hold all things loosely" has been a kind of new running joke ever since I used that phrase as a snarky comeback for being rightfully jibed for refusing to do an important work process.
(Please do not learn this from me, it is not acceptable I admit. I am impulsively stubborn too, I admit.)

There is definitely value in holding your job loosely though- probably why I score low on ambition in this work behaviour survey that I did for a professional development course. I feel like my 'ambition' is not the ambition as in wanting to progress in career goals (which I don't think I have if you are talking about the conventional sense of the term).

Still, there are things to hold loosely and things to hold tightly.

I had the thought to blog this morning when I got the goosebumps recalled what happened during VCF AGM this Monday.

It struck me as very beautiful that the person was given the platform to make his speech via video, and that he shared his mental health strug…






Cigarettes // There Must Be More Than This

Heavy on your heart
Heavy on your soul
Thinking there must be more than this
You are not alone
We can be broken together

The taste of abandon
'Cause I promise you
I'm a dreamer too
Heavy on my heart
Thinking there must be more than this

When the party has ended
And your young heart's full of nothing
Let's get high on believing
I can promise you
Yes, I am a dreamer too

Dreaming in broken reality
If you're looking for a home
You are not alone
We can be builders too

Let's get high on believing
I can promise you
Yes, I am a dreamer too

Credits: Dreamer // Axwell & Ingrosso

6 Months In // What a Social Worker Really Does

(Okay I must qualify that today isn't a so-called typical day, but seriously, seems like nothing is typical as a social worker)

What I did today that really surprised me-

Right at the top place: Dissembling the clogged toilet sink and pulling on years-worth of muck and hair.