Isle of Man

Today is day 3 of the SWSD conference and my mind is one swirl of new concepts, ideas and ideals.
So I'm going to hold my horse on it (haha can it even be used like that never mind lah hor I am proud of my Singlish).

I was in the Isle of Man alone yes, but contrary to what image friends might be having in their minds when they say I am on a solo trip- I have been far from going at it alone. I needed others so much. The kindness and warmth of another person- there was this gentleman who walked me to the railway station, or especially the smiles/short exchanges with passer-bys. They were as important as the sun and glimmering sea.

So yeah. In a small way through my reflections I want to foster a culture of community, of vulnerability (which requires humility, which actually needs courage). So the thing I most want to get out there is how much insecurities I have, even though I am at this place where some people look up to me and think how confident I am. Throwback to GoForth conference where I was like damn apprehensive and uncomfortable initially because I didn't want to be alone amidst the laughter and talk. 

But another lie is to be stoic and say I don't need people, or think it is shameful to want company.

Anyway. I actually wanted to put the video of me singing to myself when I missed my flight to Dublin and needed to get a bed and breakfast (for memory's sake). Recently I have been very interested in the important role of artistic expression in challenging the dominant narrative. 

Songs, story-telling, poetry, theatre- so much potential and alternative power!