Going, To Say Goodbye

Currently typing this on phone as I head out of NUS for the last time as a (graduated) student. Went back to drop off the Honours Room key and my heart feels like it wants to linger.

I look and finger the key a final time, and tell myself: This season has ended. And with that, the clang of the key and I walked away, no turning back.

Walking down the stairs I've climbed countless times (almost always in haste), I reflected that perhaps in this journey, I'll always be discovering that the next season is a more true calling/place I should be. And the previous one is there to prepare me for the next. My heart was screaming for time to stop as the HK exchange ended, and the first few months back were terrible. Yet that season of my life, which has just ended, has been one of the best. (Ha ha ha, guess what, I think I've said that for the other past seasons too).

What a beautiful adventure You have called us to, Lord. Joys and trials unimaginable, You show us who we are, how much more we are capable of, as Imago Dei.

Kang, as you prepare to go back, to say zoi gin, I pray that you will let your light so shine forth. Keep both your heart and your head.