God Spoke to Me Through My GP

In more ways than one, God spoke to me through my GP. I had put off going to the doc's but well I really need to be well by Monday.

Somehow I have a slight mistrust of doctors, after a bad encounter at the hospital with my Granny's doctor and knowing that GP clinics are basically a business. Perhaps also from researching about healthcare for my thesis and stories from MSW friends.

I also hate waiting in clinics or bureaucratic offices. To me the feeling of waiting to be processed is quite disempowering. Yet, unpleasant as the waits are they are good because they remind me of how social service users have these waits in higher frequency, and much longer duration.

And then I had a seat which was great because I had brought my Bible to read. Quiet space is intentionally created and there in the clinic, truths were again spoken over me, echoing down the ages as I read the words (2 Corintians 9:6-15).

The most divine part was the conversation with Dr Gloria, who challenged my stereotypes. I don't know what kind of experiences she had, or what impression she had of me (not much I suppose, I don't usually see the doctor), but when I told her where I was starting work, she started a mini motivation.

The one major thing that struck me was her encouragement to look at the individual person when I feel overwhelmed by the demands of the system and the numbers, and to remind myself of the impact to be made on these individuals.

鼓浪磨石 | Cape D'Aguilar, HK
 And then, the parting exhortation: "Don't lose the idealism!"

We really never know who we impact each day, strangers or friends or people in between the two.