Joy of Baking

I'm supposed to sleep now cos I need to wake up at the unearthly hour of 2 tomorrow to catch a flight, and the labtop is dangerously close to shutting down by itself.

But still, let me humbly dedicate this post (though there's like 80% chance no one would read it) to the wonderful website Joy of Baking. I don't know how I started baking, but I know that I started to love it when I saw all the photos of those glorious baked cookies, pies, cakes over there. And not only that! They have interesting anecdotes behind everything, like the history behind that cookie.

Sad to say, I just got reminded of its presence while doing recipe searchs for an upcoming bake sale (excited!), and am suddenly overcome with gratitude and a tinge of guilt for forgetting it.

Ah, the joy of baking and sharing!