Going Vegan

Foreword: No recipe shared here!

(Initially the title of this post was something like Maiden Vegan but nevermind)

It didn't go well. The dough was so resistant to coming together to form what it should be- nice cookie dough that I can place nicely on the baking tray without them close to disintegrating into its components.

Why is a knife there? Cos the smart me decided that it was impossible to 'drop teaspoonfuls of dough' like what the recipe called for, so I gave it cold treatment in the fridge and cut the dough to tame it.

As usual, the plus side was that no matter how weird the baked dough/batter comes out, the uncooked dough usually tastes nice. Coconut-oat-sugar crumbs. Free of raw eggs too.

It wasn't too bad. Right? This batch is the crunchy batch cos I wanted to find out what will happen if I baked it for 5 minutes longer. A lot, I realised.

This is the better one. Both crunch and chew in the cookie.