About me

Hey. Though I highly doubt anyone will read this:

I'm Kang Li. This blog started out as a blog to post about my baking, cos I find it fun to take pictures of the food I make and talk about them. But it has evolved to include more random posts when I am compelled to share with whoever's willing to read.

I'm currently thinking about both being a social worker and opening a bakeshop. Perhaps these are compatible in the form of a social enterprise. Easier said than done though.

Lastly, permit me to share something of great importance. I know many may not have a good impression of Christians.Anyway, all I can say is that He changed me, and my life. You will know it when your heart has been touched. Find out? Click here.

Hope to see you here again soon! :) Like, real soon.

I have no idea when I wrote the above About Me part. But I figured I'd just leave it there cos few things have changed. Actually, nothing except for the social enterprise part. I should be pretty contented being a social worker who bakes. And maybe sell her bakes occasionally :)

And of course, I think I write better now (cringed reading the above paragraph haha).

Well, yeah. How's that better writing?! you might ask. Go back to 2010 and you'll see :)