Mazmur | 灰心的诗篇

Praise the LORD. 
Forget not who He is, our Creator God and Abba Father,
Who shows Himself faithful at every turn,
Who weaves together strands in the tapestry of grace.

Though my heart is shaken, it should not be moved,
It's anchor held fast in firm assurance: our God reigns.
O my soul, look to the Lord.
He has made everything beautiful in its time.


Those who trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion, 
which cannot be shaken but endures forever (Psalm 125:1) 
Return, my soul, to your sure Rest.
He has chosen you to bear fruit that will last.
Praise the LORD.

I thank God for His providences and encouragement today. Had a hearty breakfast with whole-grain bread and cheese/kaya combo that I really liked, and reached school at 8.50am (wayyyy earlier than for 9am policy class which I am always slightly late for). 

So I actually thought that Dr Irene Ng called me into her office to chide me about something (guilty conscience). But no, it was something that was on my heart and I feel so so warm and fuzzy that she shared her burden for biblical justice and the need for Christian social workers to reclaim that with me. That really brightened my day. 

Discouragement | I think it is really a cumulative thing. Things add up and suddenly one gets hit by a wave of discouragement. Even Chris' heartfelt sharing feels like a discouragement to me and I am trying not to let it get to me. I guess I was prepared somewhat, just felt like stuff would probably happen in E4G. For me (and Chris I think), it's weariness I feel. From thesis/FYP, other ministry demands. I am reminded of the Elijah studies in CG- thank God for that.

On a bright side, driving lesson went better than expected. Well, echoing Gabby, people are differently gifted. I am learning humility from driving lol, am still getting my reverse directions mixed up after almost a year?! Thank God that I can make light of all these, only in You. And also!! 袋鼠 wants to go to Xiamen with me AHHHHHH I am legit excited because this means I can go without feeling guilty. Naughty me was struggling with wanting to go (alone), and honouring my parents. I mean, I decided I would do the latter, but it was kinda tough to tell myself to discern wisely.

Okay, before I get too excited for sleep... I hope whoever is reading this and facing any discouragements will be blessed in some way :) Shalom to you, my friend.  

P.S. Much feels in the last FT as an undergrad :') Bittersweet as I sang the anthem and recollections of me being angst with VCF in year 1-2 were surfaced, and here I am, clicking the slides and feeling so at home. I feel like I have mellowed, become more comfortable in my own skin, deepened in faith and grew in love. Bersyukur ku ke hadrat Ilahi, Nya setia selama-lamanya.