Tapestry of Grace

Ayeeee. It has been an eventful day. Actually I was in NUS the whole day like a boring but the conversations over WA/email were anything but.

Of thankfulness, flipped back to the start of my current journal this morning and amazed at God's faithfulness in these short few months since December. Talking to my SW/life mentor about the upcoming lunchtime talk, about ministry in PGP, meeting Dr Calvin, even help from a senior for the policy project. He has blessed me with such wonderfully made people :')

Of grief (and hope), a dear friend's uncle's passing. Reminded of my own aunt, my grandma too.

Of joy and adventure. I just booked the ticket to Hanoi today whoop. To visit Hagar, an international NGO that engages with sex trafficking issues. Afterward I reflected, I actually haven't given much thought into this. Impulsive impulsive me I guess reframing you can say it is a kind of gung ho-ness but let me not get ahead of God.

Of satisfaction, at the day's work. Much left undone, but I have repose knowing that this is the Father's world, the world cannot be made or unmade (a vague recall of a quote from Bruggemann). I am really enjoying my education.

Of love. Stumbled on this package full of love as I was finding my readings <3 One of the most precious things I brought back from HK exchange.

And the common thread uniting these is grace. Such grace, Father, blessing me more than I deserve. Author of my life, You weave a tapestry of grace. And again I remind myself, each strand of sorrow has a place, within this tapestry of grace.