A Burden

As much as I love snail mail, I must admit that not all give me that leap of joy. A particular one from the Massachusetts Correctional Institution gives me a kind of unwanted burden.

Having corresponded with Jermaine for over a year, I now feel a sense of unease particularly thinking about when he will be released soon. Of all the ministries God has given me, it has been one that gave least joy and is the most burdensome.

But why? As I was tossing around for an explanation, it dawned on me that deeper than the irrational fear that Jermaine has romantic feelings for me, there is a deep-seated stereotype of an unstable prisoner. At the same time, his way with words makes the conservative Asian in me cringe.

Still, I thank God for him. What is love without some cost? I must be willing to journey with him, to accept him when little people do. As the Father has accepted and showered me with blessings when I am in a wretched state, let me not turn away from my brother. Oh yes, let me not turn away, fearful or ashamed to look at him.