A Year Old(er)

One year old, and one year older, as I reflect on the week, I still very much like my job. 

Definitely not the interpersonal stress part though that has taught me some. Maybe not the needing to lead and put thought into developing people, though that process has changed my beliefs and attitudes towards mentoring. 

Definitely yes: The colleagues I can call friends, and not only that! Who willingly take photos like the above because they know my irrelevance and roll with it. 

But still, a belated reply to my colleague who asked earnestly: How do you always stay happy? I see you always look so happy in the office. 
When she asked that I just came out of my 3rd engagement in 3 hours so I was zonked and couldn't manage a decent reply. (So I became irrelevant hahaha)

Now that I think about the answer, it is quite funny that I thought of myself as more moody/emo. I was really surprised when a good friend described me as optimistic slightly more than a year ago. (Yes I do cherish these things in my heart)

The crux of the answer is in the crude rendering above. 

Jesus slept amidst the storm, tired as he was. Yet this was also a rest of faith.
This is the gift and promise of shalom- we can rest and take things lightly because God is making all things new. 

2 things that grieved me this week:

1. Hearing the negative, defeatist self-labels from some youths. How my heart wished that I could talk through all these things with each of them, affirm their worth. I was also really grieved at the feelings of abandonment and lack of care from parents faced by one youth. Yet- it appears that unless a miracle happens, we will not be able to work through these with them. 
Jesus, may Your name father them. 

2. Reading the news about rising cases of child sexual abuse today. One child was abused daily for 7 years by her mother's boyfriend until she was conditioned to take off her clothes when summoned. My heart and stomach still churns when I type this. 
Father, You are grieved by this. We grieve. Sovereign Father, we pray in faith that You will redeem and restore all these.

The constant challenge to not give in to despair.

Jesus, Your name, great banner of hope;
Steadies the knees of the weak.