It's a wonder I haven't written anything about wonder before this.

Peebo reminded me again about how wonderful and wonder-full small things can be:

Okay he's not exactly small but you get my point (right?).

I scribbled down yesterday as I was struck again by that wonder after I had a long session with a youth:

It's a wonder that I am allowed to touch lives and impact them like this. It's a wonder that these youths who have been through so much allow me to enter their personal world as they share.
What bravery and trust it must have taken. Who am I to ask all these probing questions?

Such is the wonder at, and the wonder of social work that I think should be kept alive. It'll be a scary day when I look at social work and take it for granted. To take these stories for granted, to take such privileged access for granted. 

We also do well to wonder at the everyday beauty around us- lady helping senior with her grocery up the slope, the tender care from a father to his child in the rush-hour train, yellow flowers covering the dewy grass, the vast expanse of blue sky in perfectly unpredictable gradient...

Tonight was such a wonderful time too- to have more words in prayer, to be reminded of precious truths, to hear from You in a community like this.

:') Peebo makes my day. He also really loves Colossians 1:15-20 a lot!