2018- New Births

The best kind of holiday is the one that allows you to reflect and be refreshed, and that was exactly what the Jogja trip did for me.

Significantly, I think I had the conclusion to the prayer requests I asked of my colleagues for a few months at morning devotions (I admit I hadn't been very faithful in praying by myself- value of community experienced).

The main tension/question experienced in the transition from student to professional was: Am I doing enough for the kingdom of God? Well I do think it's fallacious to say that this will be the tension one faces in transiting to work because this tension is supposed to stay throughout our lives as we seek greater love.

Two threads of thoughts (trying to be more organised here) culminated from thinking during the long car rides and that 3 hours alone together with my 2 dear INFJ friends:

God demands much of us, mortal man made in His very image. To be like Christ is an uncompromising perfect standard, yet fitting for a holy LORD. An asymptote throughout our lifetimes. Yet it is grace-laden; we fall into arms of grace. By grace we have been saved, by grace we are enabled to labour together in His kingdom, and by grace we triumph.

"And this kingdom will know no end, and it's glory will know no bounds,
For the majesty and power, of this kingdom's King has come"

The second thread of though expressed in a pantun that I composed in 30 minutes at Blanco Coffee & Books:
Hujan lembut seperti tudung wanita;
Suria hangat menyala gunung laluan,
Mata bohong tak boleh lihat segala;
Hatipercaya dapat kebernanian.
(Soft rain like a women's veil;
Warm sun guiding the mountain path,
Lying eyes cannot perceive all,
Believing hearts find courage.) 

Further affirmed in the sharings by Jennifer Heng (who's gonna start The Safe Place for mothers and families with unsupported pregancies right where I work!) and Pak Jason today-

God can and has done, will do, amazing things among His people, if only we will obediently align our hearts to Him. For the heart is a wellspring of both life and deceitful desires leading to death, and who would choose death right?!- but we do, sometimes. I know I do- out of fear of various things except God. 

So yes, new births in 2018. I won't say a new Kang, but rather to be a new creation, constantly made new. "Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."- whispers from God through ancient words.